West of Los Lunas, N.M.

You are in luck I’m dragging my archive of 48 years on Route 66 out of the closet to share with you and celebrate the publication of my new book 66 on 66. Much of my life was formed by the open road which includes Route 66 as well as many other U.S. highways and secondary highways that all inspire adventure. The feeling of rolling down the highway brings to all of our lives excitement, curiosity and discovery that I am itching to share with everyone through my pictures. Over the years I have made many dear friends who share the romance and now, being an older dad I share the experience with my young sons. I will be adding images of 66 on a regular basis as well as photos of other highways and roads plus eventually including interesting people, architecture and environmental subjects.

The site will be changing and evolving on a regular basis and I look forward to exchanging stories, ideas and thoughts with all of you.

Let’s hit the road!

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Finally, amigos, here are some Landmarks from America’s Main Street from the last 49 years—enjoy the adventure.
— -Terrence Moore